About 3CD


3-Chord Dorks is a comic all about rock music, and the dorks who are hopelessly in love with it. It doesn't matter if it's classic rock, blues, metal, or alternative, they will find a way to argue about them all. But while the characters might have their own unique preferences, the main goal of the comic is to celebrate rock in all of its different forms, and to illustrate the strong connection it has to modern nerd culture. Whether it's about video game music, anime, or simply the feelings of isolation that music fans so often feel from one another, the worlds of rock and nerddom have never been closer together. And that's what these nerds represent.

Comics are written and drawn by Kevin Griffin, and are posted inconsistently, several times a week. Fan participation is also highly praised, so feel free to send an email and recommend your favorite band!


Kevin Griffin

The protagonist and author-insert. Kevin starts out a hopeless classic rock nerd, unlearned and narrow-minded in his devotion to the rock gods of old. Clapton is God and AC/DC is a way of life, but through his friends and his experiences, he slowly learns about the corners of the rock world that he never knew existed. Inept and self-centered, he has to learn a similar lesson about relationships; that perhaps his first assumptions are not always correct. Hopefully he learns it soon, because he's got quite an infatuation for...

Joslyn Crowley

Joslyn, or "Jolie," as her family and friends call her, is the group's biggest video game fanatic. Slobby and competitive, she can usually be found lounging around with a controller in her hand or yelling obscenities at a TV screen. She and Kevin find common ground talking about video game soundtracks, but due to some painful relationships in the past, she's still hesitant to take things any further with him. Jolie is the older sister of...

Cassandra Crowley

Cassie is the biggest metalhead of the group. If she can't scream, mosh, and headbang to her music then she won't even bother listening to it. She has an incredibly energetic attitude that gives off a sense of childlike innocence – that is, until you notice all of her habits. Cassie is a heavy drinker, a sex-lover, and a fan of all things dark and evil (or pretty and pink, but it definitely still helps if it's evil). She is currently in a relationship with...

Arya Bahmanyar

Arya is the lowest-key of the group. His calm and blasé personality causes him to be the straightman to the rest of the group during their shenanigans. A rock and metal fan without very distinct tastes, and a perpetual scowler and eye-roller; Arya seems to be the word "meh" incarnate. But underneath all that, he's surprisingly observant and caring. He's usually the first to recognize when his friends are upset, and the first to offer them consolation. And he's acutely aware of all the relationships at play around him. Except for those of...

Wade Brownstone

The group's next door neighbor. Wade is a big fan of jazz and rap, which he uses as a source of pride for himself, but unfortunately it leaves him without much to talk about to his nerdy, rock-loving friends. Wade is perpetually plagued by his very specific tastes, not just in hobbies, but in partners as well. It's incredibly hard to find anyone who interests him, and he grows far too attached to the people who do. But the only person who really notices this trend is...

Myles Brownstone

Wade's younger brother, who is obsessed with anime and computers. Though he's usually holed up in his room for long periods of time, he will gladly (or something close to gladly) come out and socialize if it means getting to watch something Japanese. He considers himself a hacker, and God's gift to Earth, or at least too cool for his brother and his loser friends. Myles is the only one who's really aware of his brother's relationship problems, but so far he hasn't had time to download any sympathy for him.

The Sultan

The Sultan is Kevin's childhood friend, and when it comes to their conversations, they're pretty much two halves to the same whole. Sultan frequently drops in to hang out with the group, and he quickly befriends all of them with his wide range of nerdy and musical interests – all of them, that is, except for Jolie. The two start off on the wrong foot, and their rivalry doesn't seem to be diminishing any time soon. Perhaps they're simply competing for the title of "top nerd," or perhaps there's something much more personal behind it for both of them.


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