482: Guest Comic by Daniel from Mexico

Here's one last guest comic by our awesome friend, Daniel from Mexico, also known as Atrox.  Daniel works for a media blog called Culture Mass, which posts news and reviews from every corner of the pop culture world, and which updates more frequently than you can say "David Willis in heat."  Daniel used to have several of his own comic projects as well: an original pixel art comic called River City Pixels, and a blog devoted to translating popular webcomics (and 3-Chord Dorks) into Spanish.  He doesn't work much on those two anymore, but they're both really cool so I'm linking them anyway.

Daniel's guest comic brings up a topic of much confusion regarding Don McLean's signature song. One of the lyrics, "Lennon read a book on Marx," a reference to the Beatles, is often confused for "Lenin read a book on Marx," which sounds exactly the same and makes just as much sense. Many popular lyric websites list the incorrect name, leading Daniel to believe that these websites have simply been copy/pasting their lines from each other (which is also likely).  This brings up a particularly valid point that I, too, would like to remind everyone of:

Even though lyric, tab, and chord websites are awesome, you can never be 100% sure that they're accurate. A lot of them have mistakes in them, and some are simply copy/pasted directly from other sites, mistakes and all.  So always be skeptical.  Thanks a bunch for the comic, Dan!  You rule!

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