Song of the Day

October 30, 2014
See The Flames Begin To Crawl
Five Iron Frenzy
The End Is Near (2003)

What better song to play on the day I announce the end of 3CD than a song about, as singer Reese Roper put it, "setting things on fire and quitting."  This song was written for Five Iron Frenzy's final studio album before their breakup in 2004, an album aptly titled The End Is Near.  The album was released twice; the first was in 2003, with the red album cover seen here.  Then it was released again in 2004 as a double album called The End Is Here, which had a green cover, and came with a live recording of the band's farewell concert.  That's an amazing double album, one of the most emotional farewell concerts I've heard.


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