185: Full Page Rant: Justin Bieber

Here is the full text: http://www.3chorddorks.com/webfm_send/91

The music videos mentioned in the essay, should you choose to watch them:  One Time,  Baby, (< the shitty ones)  Somebody To Love (< the good one).  Fun fact: the music video for "Baby" used to be the most-viewed YouTube video of all time, AND the most disliked YouTube of video of all time.

[Edit: I wrote this Full Page Rant before the release of Bieber's third studio album, Believe.  Justin had not yet turned 18, and so my opinions of him were based on a time when he was still under the supervision of his mother, whom I think kept his behavior in check.  It's now two years later, and Justin has definitely his image a bit since then.  Left to himself, he's let his ego run wild, and the excited, spoiled, and kindhearted teen I once knew has become a self-centered diva.  As such, I can no longer endorse his personality as I do in this essay.  My opinions of his early music haven't changed, and I haven't listened to his later albums, so I have no opinion on them at this time.]

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